Limelight Magazine, Will Yeoman, 16.03.16

“The 'serious' core of the concert came in the second half with the Saint-Saëns and a real tribute to the clarity of Yamada’s vision and to WASO’s ability to translate that vision so palpably into a gripping performance.”


Musicofilia, 04.15

“In Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade, Yamada focussed on the timbre, gave a colourful performance and evoked a fairy-tale like atmosphere. […] A concert to be remembered.”


Toulouse, Anne-Marie Chouchan, 16.02.15

“Kazuki Yamada, revealed in Toulouse by an exciting version of the Symphonie Fantastique by Hector Berlioz in 2012, is the man for the job. His baton, both flexible and precise, attempts to restore all aspects of the work, its beauty and (sometimes daring) musical, dramatic intense climate.”


International Record Review, Geoff Brown, 11.14

“The Suisse Romande Orchestra and their gifted principal guest conductor, Kazuki Yamada, whip us round the European dance floor with music that is highly coloured, voluptuous, decadent – and generally, hugely enjoyable.”


Gramophone, Andrew Achenbach, 09.14

“Kazuki Yamada, the OSR's dynamic young Principal Guest Conductor, draws playing of felicitous polish, captivating flexibility and winning application throughout what is a most imaginative, distinctly moreish programme.”


Gramophone, Andrew Achenbach, 07.14

“Yamada displays an interpretative nous, strength of personality and scrupulous attention to detail that are singularly impressive.”


Der Tagesspiegel, Frederik Hanssen, 05.05.13

“The Japanese conductor, born in 1979, unfolds the emotional storm with absolute control. There was no unusual choreography and it was clear from his every gesture that this was a man who has an in-depth knowledge of the score who knows exactly how to shape the escalations and eruptions.”


Le Depeche, Anne-Marie Chouchan, 13.10.12

“With gestures which were both precise and flexible, Kazuki Yamada imbued the piece with its palette of colours and flow.”


The Birmingham Post, Maggie Coton, 18.05.12

“Young conductor Kazuki Yamada inspired vibrant expression from various soloists: violin, bassoon, cor anglais – never getting in the way of the music; controlling long tutti crescendos perfectly.”


Thüringer Landeszeitung, Hans-Jürgen Thiers, 27.02.12

“The young man is full of music from head to toe. He is able to communicate with the musicians personally with simple yet refined gestures.”